Unity through Division: Reconsidering Civic Education in the United States

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Mccaulley, Errin Todd
Area of Honors:
Political Science
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Daniel Dileo, Thesis Supervisor
  • Laura Rotunno, Honors Advisor
  • civic education
  • education
  • objectivism
  • political theory
  • philosophy
This thesis sets out to achieve two goals: first, to present both an analysis and a critique of both Classical and Modern political theory in order to offer a justifiable prescription of government; secondly, this thesis presents a new civic educational program befitting the United States. Building from the argument that the Framers of the U.S. Constitution fulfilled only half of a theoretical equation concerned with political stability, sustainability, civil rights, and political liberties, this work additionally sets out to identify the various points of theoretical origin from which many of the contemporary dilemmas facing the United States have arisen. By identifying such points of theoretical origin, this work moves forward to provide a restructuring of American political governance and a reformation of American civic education to ensure that such dilemmas are extirpated.