Dating the Evolution of Prokaryotes

Open Access
Dave, Jaanki Rajesh
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • S Blair Hedges, Thesis Supervisor
  • Stephen Wade Schaeffer, Honors Advisor
  • Richard Cyr, Faculty Reader
  • prokaryote
  • eubacteria
  • archaeabacteria
  • rRNA
  • timetree
  • divergence
While many studies have been published regarding the divergence times of eukaryote species, the same cannot be said about prokaryote species. Thus, the full picture of the evolution of prokaryotes has not yet been revealed. The European consortium SILVA first published an undated tree ("All-Species Living Tree") of prokaryotes in 2008 from 16S rRNA data. Using the March 2014 release of the All-Species Living Tree, calibrations used in recent astrobiological research, and a new timing method published last year, this project aimed to compile a timetree of prokaryote evolution while comparing different timing methods.