Moments In Between: Short Stories

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Agwuna, Chikodili Tochukwu
Area of Honors:
Creative Writing (Behrend)
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Thomas Noyes, Thesis Supervisor
  • George Looney, Faculty Reader
  • Thomas Noyes, Honors Advisor
  • creative writing
  • fiction
  • stories
  • identity
This is a creative thesis containing a critical preface and a portfolio of fiction writing consisting of five short stories. The critical preface examines the process of writing each story in the portfolio, as well as background on some of the characters. The critical preface also explores the focus of each story. Some stories focus on depression, others on the loss of a loved one, and also on family dynamics. Despite some similarities in theme, each story has a different subject matter than the next. “Letters From Ivy” deals with the loss of a best friend to suicide. “A Real Family Affair” follows a family through a change in dynamic. “660,001” deals with the loss of a family member to disease and a struggle of religious identity. “Confession” explores suicide and its affect on family members. Finally, “Blade” follows a woman who has started carrying a knife.