The Wake of Cyber-warfare

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Sisko, Jacob David
Area of Honors:
Security and Risk Analysis
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Gerald Santoro, Thesis Supervisor
  • Edward J Glantz, Honors Advisor
  • Cyber
  • China
  • U.S.
The purpose of my thesis paper is to explain the significance and inter-relationship of cyber-crime and cyber-warfare. To give my reader a full understanding of the issue, I will begin by explaining the history of the Internet, give a definition of both cyber-crime and cyber-warfare, and then explain how they have impacted the Internet. I will also give examples of a few Chinese hacker groups, and what kind of attacks they have successfully carried out. Then I will talk about how recent attacks have become more sophisticated which are capable of causing more damage. I would also like to discuss how the cyber-warfare has impacted Chinese-US relations, and how it has an impact on the economic ties. Because of the currently capability and potential threat, I will explain why cyber-crime and cyber-warfare are so important to monitor because of the potential damage current and future attacks can cause.