Take More Than Nothing.

Open Access
Clark, Maura Elizabeth
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • John Richard Bowman, Thesis Supervisor
  • Simone Osthoff, Honors Advisor
  • Art
  • Memory
  • PTSD
Art is an involuntary expression of the psyche. Through my own experiences, I create sculptural paintings that represent both the physical and emotional interpretations of the human form. They connect the body to the spirit to understand how people relate to a particular set of feelings that is isolating, yet universal. By capturing emotional states during creation and making a physical interpretation of those feelings and behaviors, the pieces show how the unexplainable function of the mind is imagined in the physical realm. Through my research of both PTSD, and memory I have discovered that the emotional state of a human greatly affects their own identity. One’s identity is formed from their memory, which is affected by the feelings and emotions that they exhibit. While PTSD might be diagnosed to a small percentage of the population, the feelings and emotions that happen to a patient with PTSD can occur within a larger number of the general population. This, in turn, affects our memory, or our perception of our history—which is our own identity. I use this connection between PTSD symptoms and memory to create art that subconsciously tugs at the heartstrings. I intend for the viewer to have an emotional connection to the paintings in an unexplainable way. Through the curation of my own work, I created an exhibit that allows the onlooker to take a journey through their own memory.