Simulating Ad Hoc Noise Radar Networks for Target Location Detection

Open Access
Zhang, Diana
Area of Honors:
Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Ram Mohan Narayanan, Thesis Supervisor
  • Jeffrey Scott Mayer, Honors Advisor
  • ad hoc network
  • noise radar
  • location detection
This project combines ideas extant in ad hoc radar networking and noise radar to create a target location system that can be easily set up and is difficult to detect. This was simulated in Matlab by placing a target, m transmitters, and n receivers at randomly generated X-Y coordinates and comparing the transmitted and received signals for the three receivers to determine target location. This successfully located a target, and despite limitations, shows a mathematically feasible way to create a discreet, quickly arranged radar locating system.