Bringing Autonomy Back to the School Level: A Descriptive Analysis of the Philadelphia School Redesign Initiative

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Johnson, Catherine G
Area of Honors:
Educational Theory and Policy
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Mindy L Kornhaber, Thesis Supervisor
  • Mindy L Kornhaber, Honors Advisor
  • Dana Lynn Mitra, Faculty Reader
  • school reform
  • redesign
  • elementary school
  • middle school
  • Philadelphia
  • school autonomy
This study explores the redesign plans of three schools that are a part of Cohort One for the Philadelphia School Districts School Redesign Initiative. This study particularly focuses on the goals of each redesign team and the strategies they are implementing to reach those goals. A qualitative approach was taken in this study using face-to-face interviews for data collection. Two members of the redesign teams at Tilden Middle School, John Story Jenks Academy of the Arts and Sciences, and Laura H. Carnell Elementary shared their knowledge of their schools’ redesign plans. While there was similarity in the goals of each school’s redesign plan, each school implemented a unique set of strategies to achieve those goals. This research provides the foundation for future research on the School Redesign Initiative.