The Influence of Experiencing Family Conflict on Academic and Relationship Success

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Schwack, Jenna
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Laurie Katherine Scheuble, Thesis Supervisor
  • Caren E Bloom Steidle, Thesis Supervisor
  • Stacy Silver, Honors Advisor
  • parental marital conflict
  • parental divorce
  • relationship success
  • academic success
I examine the relationship between the level of parental marital conflict experienced by a respondent and its effect on academic success, intimate relationship success, and the success of the relationships developed with their parents. Data came from a convenience sample of 447 undergraduates at a large Northeastern University. Findings showed that parental marital conflict did not significantly influence academic achievement or intimate relationship success. I found that experiencing parental marital conflict did significantly influence the relationship developed with parents. Those who experienced parental marital conflict reported less relationship success with their parents than their counterparts.