This Sounds Boring But It's Not: how Graphic Design Can Alter Your Most Mundane Experiences

Open Access
Schneider, Emma Christine
Area of Honors:
Graphic Design
Bachelor of Design
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Ryan Edward Russell, Thesis Supervisor
  • Erica Anne Quinn, Honors Advisor
  • Graphic Design
  • Mobile Application
  • Branding
Good graphic design has the power to alter perceptions. The voice that is infused into a piece of design can transform a subject from ordinary and mundane into something unique and exciting. For this creative thesis, I chose to explore those themes and abilities within graphic design by developing the brand for a rental car service. When explaining this concept to my peers, I received reactions ranging from vague disinterest to shock that I would ever subject myself to a yearlong project on a topic so intentionally bland. Of all of your options, why this one? I had hoped for these responses, because that is the very challenge that graphic design successfully, skillfully, and silently tackles every day in the world around us -- how to breathe life, interest, and excitement into topics that the public would otherwise overlook. The following thesis details how to use voice and proper branding to take the seemingly uninteresting and “unsexy” task of renting a car and make it feel new again.