students' views and opinions on climate change

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Clause, Catherine Nicole
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Jeffery Todd Ulmer, Thesis Supervisor
  • Stacy Silver, Honors Advisor
  • climate change
  • opinions
  • gender
  • race
The purpose of this study is to examine how students at the Pennsylvania State University view climate change based on the student’s gender and race. This research uses grounded theory. The purpose of the study is to create propositions that can be used for future research. The main source of data used for this study was provided by dialogues from World in Conversation, a student-driven center on campus. This center facilitates dialogues on United States’ cultural view on race relations and clime change. Four students were interviewed for this study. After the research was analyzed, it was apparent that there were multiple patterns present. After the completion of this research, I had created six different propositions based on the select students’ opinions regarding climate change.