Exploring Best and Actual Recruitment and Staffing Practices for Hiring of Diverse Nurses

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Wetzel, Kelsey L
Area of Honors:
Labor and Employment Relations
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Stanley Morris Gully, Thesis Supervisor
  • Alan V Derickson, Honors Advisor
  • Staffing
  • Hiring
  • Nurses
  • Diverse
  • Diversity
The United States population continues to grow and become increasingly diverse, particularly the Hispanic population, which is one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. This increase in population and shift in diversity signifies that more Hispanics are entering the United States' workforce and it produces associated changes in healthcare needs and expectations. Therefore, it is critical to explore answers to the question of the best way to hire diverse applicants who can address these changes in US demographics and shifting healthcare needs. The focus of this study is on best hiring practices for diverse nurses in general. These findings have implications for shaping practices focused on increasing targeted aspects of diversity. An increase in the Hispanic population also means more Hispanics are entering not only the US workforce, but also US healthcare and hospital systems. Hiring diverse and bilingual nurses is critical, especially when facing the current nursing shortage. Although researchers have studied diversity and discrimination in the workplace, very little research exists on the best hiring practices for employees of a diverse background, particularly in the healthcare industry. This study aims to investigate this issue by comparing the existing literature on best practices to actual practices put in place by organizations. Using a qualitative approach involving surveys and interviews of 11 organizations, responses and answers are coded to identify common patterns and themes found in organizations. Understanding how to hire diverse employees is crucial to the success of a robust healthcare system. The implications of this research and the common themes identified could provide hiring managers and recruiters with a better understanding of how to hire diverse employees successfully and for highlighting the value that these employees can offer to their organizations.