Teacher, Writer, Person: How Teacher Identities Inform Writing Instruction

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Norton, Amy Lea
Area of Honors:
Secondary Education
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Angiline Louisa Whitney, Thesis Supervisor
  • Angiline Louisa Whitney, Honors Advisor
  • Jason Whitney, Faculty Reader
  • teacher as writer
  • identity
  • education
  • struggles
  • writing instruction
Teachers and students' identities are not confined to their roles within the classroom. Each person who enters a school is made up of multiple identities—reader, writer, mathematician, daughter, brother, innovator, comedian. With these multitude of identities, it is important to consider how each one affects the learning of a child, especially as their life experiences in just one of these identity can effect they are as a student and all of their other identities. This also holds true for teachers. My interest in how my own different identities of teacher, writer, and person intersect is what drove me to explore how my experiences in life, in writing, and teaching effected one another. From this exploration, I have discovered writing as a therapeutic tool, meant to help people make sense of their lives. I have discovered how who I am helps me to relate to my students. I have discovered how to teach writing using three simple rules: you must write what is on your heart, you must write the truth, you must struggle in your writing.