The New Direction for Health Aid?: Examining Aid Effectiveness in Relation to Horizontal and Vertical Delivery of Health Services

Open Access
Meyer, Andrea Mitchell
Area of Honors:
International Politics
Bachelor of Arts
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Zaryab Iqbal, Thesis Supervisor
  • Michael Barth Berkman, Honors Advisor
  • health aid
  • official development assistance
  • maternal mortality
  • infant mortality
  • health systems delivery
Health foreign assistance continues to be used as a tool for development despite the widespread contention over the most effective method of aid delivery and implementation. As the proportion of health related aid continues to grow, it is critical to examine the current practices of health delivery and sector channeling as they relate to health improvements. This study examines the association between the sectors health official development assistance is funded though in relation to infant mortality and maternal mortality for 141 developing countries from 1990-2014. This study provides evidence to support that the channel health aid is funded through influences health improvements.