Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide Using the Molecular Basket Sorbent

Open Access
Brennan, Eric Richard
Area of Honors:
Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Chunshan Song, Thesis Supervisor
  • Wayne Roger Curtis, Honors Advisor
  • Carbon dioxide
  • adsorption
  • mesopore
  • emissions
The Molecular Basket Sorbent (MBS) is a novel material for adsorbing carbon dioxide. MBS consists of a polyethylenimine sorbent on a mesoporous silica support that has proven to have high capacity, regenerability, selectivity, and energy efficiency for adsorbing CO¬2. The purpose of this paper is to describe attempts at increasing the MBS capacity through changing characteristics of the sorbent and to assess the viability of applying this technology to help decrease the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. This is demonstrated through determination of isothermal capacities of several different samples, literature review, and comparison to the literature.