Chez Mort: A Screenplay

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Jackson, Abigail E
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Rodney Brent Bingaman, Thesis Supervisor
  • Rodney Brent Bingaman, Honors Advisor
  • Maura Elizabeth Shea, Faculty Reader
  • New Orleans
  • Louisiana
  • prison
  • prison industrial complex
  • Chez Mort
  • bayou
  • crawfish
Chez Mort is a drama about a death row exoneree, Karl Fox, who seeks to regain his mental freedom. Taking place in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, the story follows Karl’s journey of attaining the settlement money that will allow him to start over after spending twenty five years of his life in prison. While trying to fight against a corrupt criminal justice system, Karl has an uneasy relationship with his lawyer, Li, who has been by his side since the very beginning. Upon Karl’s release, the New Orleans district attorney has gone missing, creating problems for his settlement case. A young documentarian named Lucie seeks to chronicle Karl’s story and uncover the darkest secrets hidden within the local bayous. Desperate for a quick escape, Karl must work for the local funeral home, Chez Mort, whose practices are less than ethical. This pilot is only the first installment in a mini-series on the complexity of freedom.