Un-Raveling the Relationships Between Piano and Orchestra in Le Tombeau De Couperin

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Duh, Ian
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Music
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Gerardo Fabian Edelstein, Thesis Supervisor
  • Mark Edward Ballora, Honors Advisor
  • orchestra
  • piano
  • music
  • ravel
  • le tombeau de couperin
  • orchestration
  • transcription
  • tone
  • score study
In this thesis I examine the relationship between piano and orchestra with a particular interest in how knowledge of orchestral textures affects the musical decision-making of a pianist. Such an examination requires introductory discussions of related topics, including historically interesting relationships between the piano and orchestra and how the pianist controls sound. Brief and necessarily non-exhaustive versions of these discussions are included, but the focus of this thesis is score analysis of piano and orchestra versions of Le Tombeau de Couperin by Maurice Ravel, which focuses on how instrumentation choice in the composer’s reimagining of the same work might influence the pianist who finds him or herself dissatisfied with the decisions he or she is able to make using only the piano score.