Development and application of ergonomics in China

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Sun, Yixin
Area of Honors:
Industrial Engineering
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Andris Freivalds, Thesis Supervisor
  • Catherine Mary Harmonosky, Honors Advisor
  • Ergonomics
  • China
  • definition
  • development
  • methodology
  • application
In China, as the economy starts to take off, people start to pay more attention to their working environment. People have a lot more choices to choose from, based on their personal preferences. Thus, enterprises and academy start to pay more attention to the development of China. However, since for each society, people value things differently based on their cultural backgrounds, the definition, development, and application of ergonomics are different from the western world. In this paper, history of ergonomics is introduced. The definition of ergonomics in China is also synthesized based on the literature review. In China, ergonomics is being applied mostly to the organization management and human resources that focus on human needs. Different methodologies, DEMATEL Model and ISM Model are discussed as well. There is also a case study in a manufacturing workshop in Shanxi, which is one of the first ones to apply ergonomics in its management methodologies. Different elements forming the system in the workshop are discussed and categorized as human factors, machining, and environment. By gathering information from ten management officers and ergonomics experts, elements are evaluated, so that the manufacturer will know where to improve to achieve the best result.