Part-Time: Stories from South Dining and Other Essays

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Banker, Drew Clayton
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Charlotte Holmes, Thesis Supervisor
  • Marcy North, Honors Advisor
  • Creative Writing
  • Short Stories
The stories in this collection, diverse as they are, all somehow revolve around the college experience, and in particular the Penn State experience. Within the confines of that world, each piece explores terrain that is at once familiar and strange. Part-Time is centered about Jason, a full-time cashier in a university dining commons. A slice of his life at work, however boring and tedious his duties, nevertheless has moments of suspense and humanity. The History of a Haircut explores a similarly banal stretch of life, at least for most people, and suggests an alternative experience. Subs, being entirely composed of dialogue, takes this movement to the extreme, searching for the exceptional within mindless routine. Finally, Larry rounds out the project with a more conventional structure, detailing a student’s extended confrontation with a homeless person. I can only hope the reader finds these pieces worth her time.