Rebranding Sex: The Redesign of Condom Branding and Consumption

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Warren, Nyomi Uta
Area of Honors:
Graphic Design
Bachelor of Design
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Ryan Edward Russell, Thesis Supervisor
  • Ryan Edward Russell, Honors Advisor
  • Erica Anne Quinn, Faculty Reader
  • condoms
  • sex
  • ideologies
  • advertising
  • stigma
Sex is taboo in our culture; it only occurs behind closed doors. Let’s start a conversation about sexual health. The underlying expectation is that men carry condoms, and women take birth control. However clearly this arrangement isn’t working, especially since hormonal contraceptives don’t prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are advertised toward men, expensive and public. Sex is private, we get that. In the recent past, and perceivable future, home delivery services are increasing. So many companies have had success outside of stores; online. Contacts, ink, tampons, vitamins, make-up, and fashion are all huge markets that have moved online to simplify and improve the customer experience. What makes them so successful? LOLA for example allows users to select and customize their own tampon box to fit each individual woman’s flow. Then your subscription gets your tampons to your door each month, no problem. What’s next? Condoms. Customizable, personable, comfortable, discrete, and safe; delivered to your door. Envision a clean brand, different from all the screaming black boxes in the dreaded condom aisle. A fresh face addressing sex in a comfortable way; instead of shiny words and promises of extreme pleasure. Simple illustrations, fun, flirty patterns, tales of successful nights, tips & tricks or goofy accounts will accompany each box. The goal of this thesis is to create a brand that gives consumers the confidence to take charge of their own sexual health and starts an open discussion about sex. Deliverables: branding, packaging, website.