Teacher Satisfaction at a Democratic School: A Case Study

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Goodall, Emily
Area of Honors:
Special Education
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Karen Eppley , Thesis Supervisor
  • Paul J. Riccomini, Honors Advisor
  • education
  • democratic
  • teacher satisfaction
  • voice
  • autonomy
  • rapport
In this inquiry I investigated how teachers in a democratic school describe their feelings, about the opportunities they have to have their voice heard. How do the same teachers describe their satisfaction with their working conditions? In order to answer these questions, I began with a literature review in order to gain a well-rounded understanding of democratic schools. Next, I share data gathered from conducting teacher interviews at the Delta high school program. My report on my analysis of that data found three pervasive patterns among the interviews; teacher voice, autonomy and rapport with students. These patterns gave insight into what created a positive experience for teachers at a democratic school. How those attributes could be applied to other schools to raise teacher satisfaction, is a point for greater investigation.