Newport On the Levee 2.0

Open Access
Zhou, Tongtong
Area of Honors:
Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Larry James Gorenflo, Thesis Supervisor
  • Hong Wu, Faculty Reader
  • Larry James Gorenflo, Honors Advisor
  • Landscape Design
  • Urban Ecology
  • City Resilience
  • Inland River Flood
  • The Ohio River
  • Water Contamination
  • Phytoremediation
Realizing the beauty of nature, analyzing the history of human civilization and celebrating the future sustainable urban development, this thesis is a research-based landscape design project inspired by, and design for nature. The approach is to use flooding pattern, urban ecology, and varying spatial experience as frameworks to picture a new riverfront for Newport, KY, revitalization. Proposing methodologies by which progressive landscape urbanism uses a simulated pattern to unify a city and its riverfront, this design project demonstrates those research topics and implements design ideas through a series site-specific study areas in Newport. The redesign of Newport riverfront includes a combination of natural, educational, and recreational nodes to give an identity to the community in order to increase the ecological and economic value of the area. It considers three locations, each with unique character and function, to integrate human landscapes with ecological importance, to create visual landscapes that change as water level changes, and to spark possibilities for other places to create more meaningful waterfront.