Feasible Creation Methods and Models for a Sustainable Water-Purifying Moringa Oleifera Coated Sand Filter

Open Access
Clement, Emma Taylor
Area of Honors:
Environmental Engineering
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Stephanie Butler Velegol, Thesis Supervisor
  • John Michael Regan, Honors Advisor
  • moringa
  • seed
  • seeds
  • moringa oleifera
  • water
  • water treatment
  • drinking water
  • purification
  • sanitation
Low-technology water purification methods are desirable for the millions of people who need it most. One option is the moringa-coated-sand filter. Moringa-coated-sand is created by selectively adsorbing an antimicrobial cationic protein found in the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree to sand. When packed into a column, this 3D media filter will allow microbes to move through the moringa-coated-sand filter, stick to the sand particles, and be removed from the water. Here the technique for creating moringa-coated sand is presented, along with analysis using total nitrogen and total organic carbon results allowing a reduction in the time of the moringa-coated sand creation process. In addition, a microscope analysis is developed, along with a low-technology version of this test, allowing the user to determine the effectiveness of moringa-coated sand before it is packed into a column. Performance was modeled mathematically based on several different parameters, and this model was tested by running E. coli influent and wastewater effluent through the filter and quantifying the coliforms removed by the moringa-coated-sand. In addition, sustainable implementation methods are discussed to ensure effective application and usage of the technology in many different cultures and societies.