The Role of Age and Desire to Have a Significant Impact Through Work in the Relationship Between Employer Sponsorship of Community Volunteering and Recruiting Outcomes

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Daly, Timothy Christopher
Area of Honors:
Labor and Employment Relations
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Jean Marie Phillips, Thesis Supervisor
  • Paul Vincent Whitehead, Honors Advisor
  • Desire to Have a Significant Impact Through Work
  • Age
  • Recruiting Outcomes
  • Recruiting
  • DSIW
Organizations are competing for talent at a highly competitive rate. In this environment, not having strong recruiting outcomes and not attracting many applicants can create negative organizational outcomes. This study aims to explore if and how organizations may have the opportunity to enhance their recruiting outcomes through a heightened understanding and investment into sponsorship of community volunteering for employees to enhance recruiting outcomes. Through a survey designed by the researcher and given to 239 Mechanical Turk participants, the relationship between age, desire to have a significant impact through one’s work, and employer sponsorship of community volunteering and recruiting outcomes was explored. None of the hypotheses were supported by the multiple regression analyses of the two 2-way and one 3-way interactions. Although volunteering is valued by some job seekers, it does not seem to influence job application intentions or attraction to the employer. Employers may want to shift focus in marketing materials from volunteering opportunities to other employer features.