Retail Fluidity: Bridging Physical and Digital Commerce

Open Access
Novielli, Bridget Eileen
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Architecture
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Pep Avilés, Thesis Supervisor
  • Christine Lee Gorby, Honors Advisor
  • sustainability
  • wanamaker building
  • retail
  • digital globalization
  • consumerism
  • preservation
  • historic preservation
  • architecture
  • green architecture
  • design
The purpose of this thesis is to understand the effects of technology on consumer patterns and to develop an architectural typology that acts as a sustainable, hybrid space between the digital and physical realms. My thesis questions past forms and types of consumerism in our economy and searches for new spaces at the intersection between public space, digital globalization, and new forms of leisure. It also seeks to find new ecological and social modes of preservation within urban culture.