The Nobody of the Planet

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Nejako, Laura Marie
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Bill Cobb, Thesis Supervisor
  • Xiaoye You, Honors Advisor
  • The Nobody of the Planet
  • Fiction
  • Short Story Collection
  • Thesis
This collection of short stories explores the theme of what it means to be "wanted" as a woman. These stories offer a variety of feminine perspectives, including narratives told through the eyes of male protagonists. Each story serves to complicate the narrative by spanning race and age considerations. In the end, the question of "how does being a product of a gender driven society influence the story that women are able to tell" is answered through a series of complicated and sometimes perplexing narratives that blur the lines between poetry and prose. All of these stories are imbued with tones of loneliness and desire. This desire exists as its own entity that transmutes over the course of the collection. The act of being a woman is called into question by the very need for validation separate from love.