Nowhere Kind

Open Access
Santiago, Samuel Ethan
Area of Honors:
Letters, Arts, and Sciences (Abington)
Bachelor of Humanities
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Liliana Marika Naydan, Thesis Supervisor
  • David Ruth, Honors Advisor
  • Creative Writing
  • English
  • Literature
  • Identity
  • Fiction
  • Gender
  • Novel
  • Novella
This thesis consists of the first hundred pages of "Nowhere Kind," a story that will eventually develop into a full-length novel or a series of novelas. Primarily, this thesis’ purpose was the construction of a good story—intriguing characters, dramatic events, and a believably built fictional world. This thesis is an exercise in constructing a large-scale narrative arc which intersects several character conflicts, simultaneously establishing the conventions of a complex setting. Within, many characters’ perspectives are explored through third-person narration. This story is often one about characters’ experiences self-confrontation. In a desolate setting with shadows of a world history of catastrophe, the individual reflections of humanity throughout "Nowhere Kind" explore social patterns of encountering and reacting to difference, both internally and externally, while also engaging with structures of tradition and faith. In this story, identities are always in question, whether they are of individuals, their collective society, their bodies of belief, the objects that they own, or the places they inhabit.