A comparative analysis of Spanish and English Semantic Features and their role in aphasia Treatment

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Mentch, Allison Marie
Area of Honors:
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Chaleece Wyatt Sandberg, Thesis Supervisor
  • Carol Anne Miller, Honors Advisor
  • semantic feature
  • semantic feature therapy
  • aphasia
  • billingual
With the expanding bilingual population in the United States, therapy materials must take into account cultural and linguistic differences. This study examined the verification of semantic features among native English and Spanish speakers to help inform semantic feature selection in therapy. Spanish and English speakers were tasked with selecting whether a feature applied to a concrete word. The frequency of selection for the features was calculated for English and Spanish speakers. The results were converted into percent agreements and compared for disagreement amongst English and Spanish speakers. Words and features with 50% or greater instances of disagreement were analyzed in the study. Results indicated that language, cultural and geographical differences combined with the subjectivity of the features may be the cause of disagreement amongst English and Spanish speakers.