The Many Perspectives of Early Intervention

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Coull, Laney Marie
Area of Honors:
Childhood and Early Adolescent Education
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Ashley Nichol Patterson, Thesis Supervisor
  • Carla Zembal-Saul, Honors Advisor
  • Early Intervention
  • General Education Classroom
  • Behavioral Interventions
  • Literacy Interventions
  • Responsive Teaching
  • Special Education
  • Inclusive
As an Elementary Education Major with an interest in Special Education, I have been a participant in many different classroom settings. The interest in this research stemmed from my student teaching experience when I realized there are many elementary education teachers who do not have any background in Special Education and thus do not know how to accommodate their lessons to meet all of their students’ needs. Encouraged by my own experience, observations, and research I have written this to serve as a guide for teachers to see some different accommodations they can make for students with special needs in the general education classroom setting, specifically in the areas of behavior and literacy. There are many different interventions for each of these topics. I feature here approaches that have shown to be effective according to research conducted to determine their helpfulness. Teachers are responsible for doing all that they can for their students, but there is only so much time in a day. I believe that having all of this information in one place can make it a bit easier for the teachers, a facilitation that will benefit all of the students in their classes. In addition to serving as a guide to teachers, this is document is intended to be helpful for parents as well. In the third chapter, I provide an intervention that can be done in the home. Parents can refer to this piece of writing and use it as a resource to help understand what interventions their child could or should be receiving in the classroom, as well as what their child can be working on in the home.