Systematic Design of the Japanese Garden

Open Access
Sharp, Marlene Diane
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Architecture
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Juan Antonio Ruescas, Thesis Supervisor
  • Christine Lee Gorby, Honors Advisor
  • Architecture
  • japanese garden
  • market
The separation of suburbia and the urban condition has led to deteriorating social and economic environments in North Jersey and NY. The major shift of populations from the city to suburbs have created places of abandonment, resulting from the increasing neglect aggravated by poverty, crime, and inflated property taxes. To help remedy this situation, a system of design based on principles of care and long-term maintenance is proposed on a site in the Bronx, across the Harlem River. An abandoned pedestrian bridge has suffered from decades of disrepair as a result of this neglect. This directly relates to what the Japanese garden design system does. This system of design, based on the philosophies of the Japanese garden, can create a microcosm of personalized, independent spaces that grow and change overtime in the form of a market.