An Analysis of Climate Change Policies on Economic, Political, and Legal Grounds

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Blakney, Aaron Mark
Area of Honors:
Environmental Resource Management
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Matthew B Royer, Thesis Supervisor
  • Robert David Shannon, Honors Advisor
  • environmental
  • environmental science
  • policy
  • environmental policy
  • economic environmental policy
  • political
When looking at potential solutions to any issue in the United States, it is important to analyze any policy on economic, legal, and political levels to ensure the maximum positive benefit. This is no different for finding policy solutions to climate change. In this thesis, a literature review will focus on two major policies that have been enacted around the world or in certain areas of the United States: carbon pricing and emission trading. These two issues will be analyzed on a legal, political, and economic matrix, fleshing out potential advantages and issues between the two policy schemes. After analysis, a policy proposal will be put forth that will be both economical and politically palatable.