Social Media and the Music Industry: Are Artists Able to Act as Their Own Label?

Open Access
Formichella, Katherine Anne
Area of Honors:
Advertising/Public Relations
Bachelor of Arts
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Gregory J Woodman, Thesis Supervisor
  • Steve Manuel, Honors Advisor
  • social media
  • music
  • music industry
  • musicians
  • promotion
The music industry is a rapidly changing industry. With the changes in technology, the industry has been opened up to more people. An artist can produce and publish their music in their basement. They can promote their own music to the entire world via social media. This research examines social media in music for promotion. A series of case studies are presented regarding the use of current, popular musicians’ social networking pages. In the main research of this thesis, a series of interviews with artists working to build their music careers were conducted. An analysis of these interviews found that musicians differ in their social media use. However, all of the interviewed artists would prefer to focus more on their music, rather than their branding, as quickly as possible.