Factors That Contribute To The Morbidity And Mortality Rate For Pre and Post Natal Care In Rural Women Of Pakistan

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Saqib, Zunish
Area of Honors:
Health Policy and Administration
Bachelor of Science
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Thesis Supervisors:
  • Mark Sciegaj, Thesis Supervisor
  • Selena E Ortiz, Honors Advisor
  • Healthcare
  • Pakistan
  • Pre Natal
  • Post Natal
  • Rural Women
  • Access
  • Quality of Care
As the population of Pakistan continuously rises, there is a greater need for proper healthcare, especially for females throughout their childbearing ages. It is estimated that the current population of Pakistan is equivalent to 2.63% of the total world population, making it the 6th most populous country in the world. This thesis examines the factors that contribute to the high rates of morbidity and mortality during pre and post natal care in women who live in the rural areas of Pakistan. Surveys and questionnaires were conducted addressing issues such as women’s access to care, education levels and financial status. Both the surveys and questionnaires were completely anonymous. In total, there were 106 patients and 93 physicians surveyed from the cities of Lahore and Islamabad. Average assessments, standard deviations and t-tests were generated for similar questions between patients and physicians. The results from the t-tests suggested that some of the data was approaching statistical significance (values were slightly above 0.05), while some of the data was statistically insignificant. These values could have occurred due to human error or if patients and physicians were shading their answers, to not give away information about their work and personal lives. Therefore, the data suggests that many patients and physicians were satisfied with the treatments they were receiving and providing at the hospitals, which shows that the initial hypothesis was not correct. Although results of this research were not as expected, additional work must still be done on this topic and Pakistan must improve overall access and quality of care in other hospitals across the country.