The Relationship Between Virtual Work, Person-Organization Fit, and Organizational Attractiveness

Open Access
Levine, Reece
Area of Honors:
Labor and Employment Relations
Bachelor of Arts
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Dorothea Roumpi, Thesis Supervisor
  • Mark David Gough, Honors Advisor
  • virtual work arrangements
  • person-organization fit
  • organizational attractiveness
  • personality traits
  • neuroticism
  • openness to experience
While there is much understanding that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected work arrangements, particularly forcing employees to work from home, this study aims to explore the relationship between virtual work, Person-Organization fit (P-O fit), and organizational attractiveness. In order to explore this relationship, a survey was distributed via an online platform, Qualtrics, analyzing five measures: virtual work, P-O fit, the personality trait of neuroticism, the personality trait of openness to experience, and organizational attractiveness. The study consisted of 154 respondents. Through data analysis, it was found that Person-Organization fit is significantly related to organizational attractiveness. It was also found that neuroticism plays a significant interactional role between virtual work and Person-Organization fit. These findings suggest that some individuals are more attracted to virtual work or on-site work than others. Given these results, it is important practitioners understand the discrepancies between the levels of attraction to different work arrangements (e.g., virtual or on-site) in order to recruit the best-match candidate for the job.