"Braving the Storm": The Sustainability of Freshwater in Barbados' Tourism-Driven Economy in an Era of Climate Change

Open Access
Farinelli, Josephine Rae
Area of Honors:
Bachelor of Science
Document Type:
Thesis Supervisors:
  • Brian Hastings King, Thesis Supervisor
  • Roger Michael Downs, Honors Advisor
  • climate change
  • climate justice
  • sustainability
  • freshwater
  • greenhouse effect
  • double-exposure
  • tourism
  • Caribbean
  • Barbados
This thesis will analyze the concept of climate justice by examining small island developing states’ anthropogenic contributions to the greenhouse effect and other forms of environmental degradation and the projections they face in an era of climate change. Specifically, the thesis focuses on Caribbean islands and their characteristic low greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural land use as well as highly tourism-dependent economies. The concept of double-exposure is also an important aspect of climate justice that will be considered with respect to not only the emissions from other countries, but the environmental impacts tourists from developed nations create within their Caribbean host countries. The thesis narrows its focus to the specific effect climate change will have on freshwater resources in the region as the vitality of freshwater provides a case study for other important resources faced with the effects of climate change. Using Barbados and its freshwater situation as a case study for this region, the thesis draws conclusions about the future of small island, tourism-dependent states like those in the Caribbean in the face of climate change.